Monogram Rules; Engraved Monogram

Monogram Rules

Monogram Rules; Engraving standard initials

In order to engrave a person’s initials on a gift, we don’t have to follow the standard monogram rules. When we engrave a person’s initials into a gift, the font size of the initials stay the  same size. The first initials of the person’s first, middle, and last name are not set up in any special way. It is pretty standard.

For example: Henry James Carter. We would engrave all initials in the same font size; “HJC” as on the Crystal Decanter.

Monogram Rules; Engraved Monogram

Monogram Rules; Engraved Monogram

Monogram Rules; Engraving a monogram

When we engrave a monogram, we have to follow the monogram rules. We suggest placing the first initial of our client’s last name in the center and engrave it in a larger font size. Then we suggest placing the first initial of our client’s first name to the left of the center initial and placing the first initial of our client’s middle name to the right of the center initial; those two initials are identical in size, but smaller than the center initial.

For example: Lisa Grace Carter. We would engrave the monogram as the engraved compact  below. 

Monogram Rules; Engraved Monogram

Monogram Rules; Engraved Monogram


Monogram rules; font styles & sizes and  gift ideas

Depending on what you are engraving the monogram to, typically the font size of the left and right letter is 24-point while the center letter is a bit larger with a 36-point font size.

We typically engrave monograms on a variety of products such as wine glasses, compacts, trays, jewelry, as well as beer mugs.

The client can choose from a variety of font styles as well as sizes based on their creativity and liking.

It is a great gift to give to a loved one or even yourself and can last a lifetime!

Custom Wine & Gifts

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Custom Wine & Gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

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Questions, comments, suggestions about our custom wine & engraved gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

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New Custom Printed Wine Bottles

We now make full color custom printed wine bottles!

Custom Printed Wine Bottle

We love engraving wine & champagne bottles for our customers; these are some of our best sellers!

To add to the list, we are now giving you the option of ordering our custom printed wine bottles as well. These are personalized logos or photographs that you can send to us and we will print it on a bottle of champagne or wine for you just how you want it!

Custom Printed Wine Bottles make great gifts

This a perfect gift to give to your mom for mother’s day, your dad for father’s day, an anniversary gift, a birthday gift, and so forth.

We can print a photo of you and a loved one on the bottle along with a quote or whatever it is that you would want on it. We can also print logos for you, whether you want it in full color or in black and white on your Custom Printed Wine Bottles. This is something unique that you can keep for years to come! It’s a brand new technique that we utilize & are so pleased with!

Custom Printed Wine Bottles are easy to Order

For more information on our new custom printed bottles, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions!

Engraved Surgical Instruments – Los Angeles

2_personalized-gifts-2sWe Do Surgical Instruments Engraving!

Recently we did an interesting project for UCLA Hospital’s OB/GYN Department. We were approached by UCLA’s surgical equipment sales rep, seeking a solution to nurses’s complaints that their surgical equipment was not being returned to their department.

We solved their problem by hand “micro engraving” “UCLA OBGYN” on both sides of every piece of surgical equipment. As you can see from the photo – the engraving is roughly the size of the word “LIBERTY” engraved on a United States Dime!

This solved their problem! If you have a unique engraving need, we have an engraving solution for you. We can engrave any size object – from very large to micro small!

We Do Hospital Equipment, Scalpel, Forceps and Clamp Engraving

We Do Large Custom Engraving and Small Custom Engraving On Any Size or Shape Item!