On-Site engraving for corporate events

Corporate Event Activations – On-site engraving for corporate events!

Corporate Event Activations, we offer on-site engraving for corporate events!

Your guests will love to take part in on-site engraving of gift items at your next corporate event ! We’ll personalize wine glasses, beer mugs and other gifts while your guests watch! This is one of many great services that we offer as interactive entertainment. We have taken part in a variety of different events throughout the years and guests continually tell us that its the most unique activity ever! We do on-site engraving for department stores like Nordstroms and Macys,  for fragrance like Jo Malone, Wineries, a variety of well known alcohol brands.  We also have a consistent clientele base of many corporations for whom we do on-site engraving during special events. These special events include the award programs, employee recognition days, and customer appreciation events.


On-Site engraving for corporate events

On-Site engraving for corporate events

We can supply a variety of gifts to engrave at our on-site engraving for corporate events.

We offer and engrave wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, double old fashion glasses, and stemless wine glasses. We can print the client’s corporate logos on the glasses and gifts ahead of time for the event. We will then personalize the gift for the client during your event. It’s a gift that they will keep for a lifetime! We also offer other gifts such as trophies and awards, flasks, key chains, frames and jewelry.


Call or email us for your upcoming on-site engraving corporate events!

We would love to engrave at your next corporate event, entertaining your guests with engraving their souvenirs right before their eyes! For more information on availibility, pricing, products, etc give us a call at 818-706-2151 or send us an email to .




live engraving

Live Engraving

We will make your special event more memorable by providing live engraving to you & guests.

Do you want to make your next convention, wedding, holiday event, etc a little more memorable? Do you want to give a special gift to each one of your guests who are attending your event? Let us live engrave gift items for your guests during the event! What better way to thank your guests, colleagues, and friends for their attendance than to give them a gift to be engraved by us! It can be a wine glass, jewelry, rock stones, etc.

Live Engraving is a great way to get guests interacting and to make the event stand out.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful engraved wine glass or mini champagne bottle? Live Engraving is a fun interactive way to make your event unique and personable. We love meeting new faces and making everyone’s’ gifts special and one of a kind.

live engraving

live engraving

Call us to live engrave for your next event!

We would love to take part in your next event! You may call or email us for pricing and more information regarding live engraving. We come prepared! If you need items to be engraved, you may order those from us as well!



On Site Engraving

We Offer On Site Engraving!

On Site Engraving

On Site Engraving

The Engraved Letter specializes in on site engraving services for retail locations as well as special events.

We can come to you whether you need us at your store, home, or special location for an event. On site engraving is a great way to get friends together for a fundraiser, luncheon, or for a holiday party, & to get a special item personalized to your liking. We can engrave fragrance bottles, wine bottles and other alcohol bottles (champagne, vodka, etc), candles, jewelry, and just about anything and everything!

On site engraving is fun, easy, and stress-free!

If you want to throw a party for a special occasion, whether it’s for your baby shower, wedding, or a birthday, we can come to you on site and engrave party favors for your guests! What better way to thank your guests for showing up and celebrating with you? Make them feel special and appreciated by giving them a custom engraved gift! We can set up a booth, a table, a  section where guests come to us with their party favor (wine glass, etc) and we will engrave their names, a special date, or something memorable on it while they get to watch us! We can engrave any glass or metal item on site! Our set-up is easy and we only request to be near an electrical outlet for our tools.

Questions about on site engraving?

If you have any questions about pricing, dates, gift ideas in regards to our on site engraving, feel free to send us an email or give us a call and we would be more than happy to speak with you and address any questions! We would love to be at your next event & make it that much more memorable!

Custom Wine & Gifts

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Custom Wine & Gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

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Follow us on Instagram to find our latest pictures & updates of our custom wine bottles & engraved gifts! You can find us by searching “engraved_letter” or “the engraved letter”.

Follow us as we post photos of new projects and great gift ideas, our favorite lettering styles and font picks, custom wine bottles, custom printed Champagne bottles, custom engraved spirit bottles and so much more!


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You can find us by searching for “the engraved letter”. Make sure to like & follow our page! Stay updated with our latest gift ideas for all occasions, and tons of pictures of recent projects & customized gifts; our custom wine bottles, engraved jewelry, etc. You can also private message us on Facebook with any questions that you may have.


Questions, comments, suggestions about our custom wine & engraved gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

Custom Wine & Gifts

If you have any suggestions or comments on what you would like to see more of on any of our social media pages (ex: custom wine designs, engraved gifts, etc), we would love to hear back from our followers!

We have amazing clients and we love engraving & personalizing gifts for them. With our feedback and their feedback, we work together to create the most beautiful one of a kind gifts. And we look forward to staying connected through our pages and share our pictures & ideas with you!

Engraved Surgical Instruments – Los Angeles

2_personalized-gifts-2sWe Do Surgical Instruments Engraving!

Recently we did an interesting project for UCLA Hospital’s OB/GYN Department. We were approached by UCLA’s surgical equipment sales rep, seeking a solution to nurses’s complaints that their surgical equipment was not being returned to their department.

We solved their problem by hand “micro engraving” “UCLA OBGYN” on both sides of every piece of surgical equipment. As you can see from the photo – the engraving is roughly the size of the word “LIBERTY” engraved on a United States Dime!

This solved their problem! If you have a unique engraving need, we have an engraving solution for you. We can engrave any size object – from very large to micro small!

We Do Hospital Equipment, Scalpel, Forceps and Clamp Engraving

We Do Large Custom Engraving and Small Custom Engraving On Any Size or Shape Item!