On-Site engraving for corporate events

Corporate Event Activations – On-site engraving for corporate events!

Corporate Event Activations, we offer on-site engraving for corporate events!

Your guests will love to take part in on-site engraving of gift items at your next corporate event ! We’ll personalize wine glasses, beer mugs and other gifts while your guests watch! This is one of many great services that we offer as interactive entertainment. We have taken part in a variety of different events throughout the years and guests continually tell us that its the most unique activity ever! We do on-site engraving for department stores like Nordstroms and Macys,  for fragrance like Jo Malone, Wineries, a variety of well known alcohol brands.  We also have a consistent clientele base of many corporations for whom we do on-site engraving during special events. These special events include the award programs, employee recognition days, and customer appreciation events.


On-Site engraving for corporate events

On-Site engraving for corporate events

We can supply a variety of gifts to engrave at our on-site engraving for corporate events.

We offer and engrave wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer mugs, shot glasses, double old fashion glasses, and stemless wine glasses. We can print the client’s corporate logos on the glasses and gifts ahead of time for the event. We will then personalize the gift for the client during your event. It’s a gift that they will keep for a lifetime! We also offer other gifts such as trophies and awards, flasks, key chains, frames and jewelry.


Call or email us for your upcoming on-site engraving corporate events!

We would love to engrave at your next corporate event, entertaining your guests with engraving their souvenirs right before their eyes! For more information on availibility, pricing, products, etc give us a call at 818-706-2151 or send us an email to .




Live Engraving

Live Engraving Services

We offer live engraving services- for Parties and Events

Live engraving services are our specialty. We bring our engravers to an event of yours to personally engrave gifts and giveaways for guests. This service is offered for various events; corporate recognition events, customer appreciation events, concerts, festivals, conventions, premiers, gifting suites, corporate events, product launches, and so much more. Guests have a positive and fun experience during this time. Clients like this type of service because it is more interactive and each guest walks away with their own unique custom gift.


The best giveaways at a live engraving event

When you book our live engraving services, you can choose what items they would like to gift your guests and have personalized. We offer a variety of gift items that we sell and we can put your logo on it before hand. You can choose from glassware such as a wine glass, champagne flutes, beer mugs, or you can choose to give out personalized keychains, candles, perfumes, awards or trophies of some sort, frames to be engraved, anything you’d like!


Live Engraving

Live Engraving

Contact us for more info on live engraving services at your next event

We offer live engraving all over California and Nevada, we have had events anywhere from San Francisco down to San Diego and in between. We also engrave in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Napa Valley. Our rates for our live engraving services vary depending on location, choice of gift items needed, hours, and number of events booked. For more information on live engraving and possibly having us at your next event, give us a call at 818-706-2151 or send us an email at and we will answer any questions that you may have.



onsite engraving

On-Site Engraving

We love on-site engraving for events!

We love making custom engraved pieces and gifts for our customers, but another favorite thing that we love to do is on-site engraving. We go to a variety of events for on-site engraving. This has become popular and gets busier every year. Large corporations will hire us to go to an event of theirs and we have our section where guests can come get their souvenirs (or whatever their party favors are) engraved.

onsite engraving

on-site engraving

Who hires us for on-site engraving events?

We do on-site engraving for a number of different venues/companies. We are often hired by larger corporations to do on-site engraving for their employees at major events. We also do on-site engraving at weddings, birthdays, food & wine events, and the larger retail stores in the malls such as nordstroms, macys, etc. It’s a great way for customers to interact, buy something, and get their item personalized to their liking. Also at the larger corporation events, it’s nice to reward your employees for their hard work by getting something customized for them to keep forever.

What we engrave at our on-site engraving events..

At our on-site engraving events, we engrave a number of different items depending on what the event is and who it’s for. For example, if we’re hired for a wedding, we have engraved the guests champagne glasses or something sentimental that is gifted to the guests. We have engraved key chains in the past at some of our events, perfumes/colognes, lipsticks, wine glasses, etc. It’s a great experience doing on-site engraving for different events, you meet new faces, you engrave different gifts, and it’s always something to look forward to! Let us engrave at your next event!

live engraving

Live Engraving

We will make your special event more memorable by providing live engraving to you & guests.

Do you want to make your next convention, wedding, holiday event, etc a little more memorable? Do you want to give a special gift to each one of your guests who are attending your event? Let us live engrave gift items for your guests during the event! What better way to thank your guests, colleagues, and friends for their attendance than to give them a gift to be engraved by us! It can be a wine glass, jewelry, rock stones, etc.

Live Engraving is a great way to get guests interacting and to make the event stand out.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful engraved wine glass or mini champagne bottle? Live Engraving is a fun interactive way to make your event unique and personable. We love meeting new faces and making everyone’s’ gifts special and one of a kind.

live engraving

live engraving

Call us to live engrave for your next event!

We would love to take part in your next event! You may call or email us for pricing and more information regarding live engraving. We come prepared! If you need items to be engraved, you may order those from us as well!